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Fistful of dollars

So, I've got a fistful of dollars, and I've got 2 places I could stick it, no that's NOT one of them...

We want/ need to buy a comprehensive graphics editing package. In the running are Adobe CS 2 premium for windows and CorelDraw graphics suite x3.

some of the factors are:

From what I've read (which is still woefully little) Corel can do everything Adobe can do, plus some (photo paint is apparently more capable than photoshop).

Photoshop is the industry standard for more industries than Corel, but Corel does have the market cornered for several. For a variety of reasons I need to be as compatible and capable as possible with whatever files our current and future customers bring in.

Adobe runs about 1200 dollars for the fully licensed version for me to use for my business.

Corel runs about 400 dollars or less (or a lot less in a couple of instances) for the same.

Learning curve is not an issue, I'm relatively knowledgable about print, and print files, but not the graphics arts/ creation side of the work. At this point I'm willing to learn either, but I don't have the money or time to buy both or experiment with both.

If anyone has any positive or helpful comments, or even any specific limitations/ annoyances related to either suite please let me know.

Thanks all
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